Straight Up Celery 12 Oz. Juices 4-7 Packs starting at

Straight Up Celery 12 Oz. Juices 4-7 Packs starting at

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Perfect for a weekly cleanse or for daily use to keep your system detoxed! Celery Juice heals and activates the gut by restoring hydrochloric acid which helps us digest things faster and more efficiently. Drinking organic celery on an empty stomach has been known to assist in healing all kinds of acute and chronic illnesses, including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, SIBO, constipation, chronic fatigue syndrome, blood sugar issues, migraines, acid reflux, high blood pressure, addictions, adrenal issues, gout, allergies, autoimmune conditions, and countless others.

Ingredients: Celery

At Quick Roots Juice, we purchase certified Organic produce from established distributors and have them delivered directly to our facilities weekly. The produce is cleaned using an organic vegetable wash, and drained of excess clean water. We then COLD PRESS using 2,000 psi of pressure to squeeze the juice while maximize healthy enzymes and nutrients from the fruits and veggies.

We bottle the Straight Celery into 12 oz bottles after being fine strained THREE TIMES, leaving only delicious drinkable juice. Safety caps are applied, bottles are labeled and dated. JUICE IS MADE TO ORDER, so you know that it is always fresh.

Let us take some of the work out of your healthy lifestyle! We do all of the shopping, prepping, juicing and clean up. All you have to do is enjoy!

  • 4-Pack $32.00 (all delivered together fresh locally on either Monday or Thursday) OR Shipped Frozen Monday-Wednesday
  • 7-Pack $56.00 (3 bottles delivered fresh locally on Monday and 4 bottles delivered fresh locally on Thursday) OR Shipped Frozen Monday-Wednesday

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