Keto Friendly One Day Cleanse

Keto Friendly One Day Cleanse

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We developed the Keto Friendly One day Cleanse for those following a low carb diet.  This well rounded cleanse is stuffed full of veggies and supercharged Sodium Cluster Salts in the fresh cold-pressed Straight up Celery juice. Perfect for a one day cleanse or once a week cleanse. Drink one 12 oz bottle every 2-3 hours. 

Looking to do more than just one day?  Order multiple 1 day packs!

Combo pack include 1-12 oz bottle of each of the following:

  • Straight Up Celery x 2
  • To the Beet x 2
  • Everything Nice
  • Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

Made fresh, then immediately frozen. It's so convenient for daily use without all of the prep work. Just put it in the frig the day before to thaw then grab it for the road the next morning or for an afternoon boost! We suggest you give the thawed smoothie a quick shake just before enjoying it or before putting it in your travel cup as you're running out the door!

We bottle all of the juices/drinks into 12 oz bottles. Safety caps are applied, bottles are labeled and dated, then flash frozen for delivery. ALL ARE MADE TO ORDER, so you know that it is always fresh. Each has a 4 day expiration date once thawed and refrigerated. Thaw all at once for 1 day cleanse.

Let us take some of the work out of your healthy lifestyle! We do all of the shopping, prepping, juicing and clean up. All you have to do is enjoy!

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